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Gap cross strap slides, $49.95, available at Gap.
Gap cross strap slides, $49.95, available at Gap.
Are you on the edge of your seat? While at The Grove (a very popular outdoor shopping mall, if you're not aware) purchasing a cheap, minimalist dress for my cousin's '90s supermodel-themed party (I was assigned to be Kate Moss), I stopped into Gap on a whim and was handed some sort of March Madness-inspired coupon that gave me 50 percent off my entire purchase. I browsed the entire store and found a perfectly simple pair of cross-strap slide sandals. "I can show off my pedicure!" I really thought to myself. 
I went to Los Angeles two weeks ago to experience warmth and celebrate the birthday of my cousin who lives there. Upon arrival, my first order of business was to get a pedicure because I hadn't had one since 2015 and — duh — I was in LA, land of year-round open-toe shoes. Except then I realized I hadn't packed any open-toe shoes.
I even got them in white despite a general aversion to white shoes (without the discount, I doubt I would have bought a single thing), and I'm glad I did. It was a rare instance of buying shoes that aren't more or less identical to those I already own, and I'm still excited to wear them as East Coast weather continues to get warmer. Plus the white makes my feet look really tan.

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