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Photo: & Other Stories
Photo: & Other Stories
There are certain trendy, well-priced retailers in Europe that fashion editors make a point to visit during fashion month. Before Topshop opened a New York location several years ago, that was the very top of the list -- and now that honor falls (depending on whom you talk to) to Cos, Whistles and & Other Stories -- the last of which just announced that it's opening its first U.S. location, next to the Prada store in New York's SoHo district.
(Both & Other Stories and Cos are owned by H&M, and the latter is also opening a New York store this year.)
The 6,400-square foot store will open at 575 Broadway towards the end of this year and include a full selection of ready-to-wear, shoes, bags and jewelry. And good news for those of you who aren't in New York: The retailer is planning on launching a U.S. e-commerce site at the same time.
So what can you expect to find there? Plenty. Anna Teurnell, head of design at & Other Stories, says the company works to provide four different kinds of looks: 1) tailored, innovative pieces; 2) quirky, bohemian-inspired styles; 3) flattering, feminine silhouettes; and 4) rougher, effortless pieces (I'd describe these as more androgynous/fashiony). The prices certainly aren't as low as what you'd find in an H&M, Topshop or Zara -- they're more in line with a J.Crew, Anthropologie or Cos -- but the quality is often better and, because the selection is smaller, less overwhelming.
& Other Stories only opened its first location 12 months ago, and already has stores in Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Milan, Paris and the hometown of its parent company, in Stockholm. In addition, its e-commerce site already ships to 12 European countries. With such a fast growth rate -- one that shows no signs of slowing down -- it's one to watch, and shop.

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