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Spring Racing Grooming

Guide to looking dapper: 5 Spring Racing Grooming tips from Shop Manager and Senior Cutter France Khamees from Kings Domain Barber Barber Shop, South Yarra. Never underestimate the power of a great haircut.
“Hair should play a big part in every man’s outfit at the races,” explains Shop Manager and Senior Cutter from Kings Domain Barber Shop South Yarra, France Khamees. 
With two years experience at Kings Domain Barber Shop South Yarra, Khamees knows the importance of a well-suited cut. The Kings Domain Barber Shop was inspired by owner Aaron Chan’s travels through Argentina, the classic old-school barbershop steps back in time to the origins of a 1950s barber. Services begin with a beverage (alcoholic or caffeinated), and can include a vintage shave and cut.
Khamees predicts the most popular look this spring will be “very European, with a bit of length. Think Johanne Huebl and David Gandy. We will be doing more short to medium length haircuts.”
On the whole, clean hair, a groomed face, and the right hair product is a must.
To ensure you’re on top of your hair game this spring racing season, Khamees shares his top five grooming tips;
1. Cut your hair frequently
Have your hair cut every four – six weeks, not just prior to the races or a big event. This encourages stronger hair growth, as it avoids hair breakage. The more frequently you have it cut, the longer it will grow back.
2. Use product
Always use product to avoid your hair looking flat or fluffy. Khamees recommends using sea salt spray if you have curly hair or clay if you have thin hair. Do not be afraid of the hairdryer to help add volume.
3. Be inspired
Have a go-to source of style inspiration. “My style inspiration is very David Gandy, David Beckham, & Johanne Huebl. These guys are always on top of their grooming game and style,” explains Khamees.
4. Know what suits
Understand your face shape and hair texture to help guide what haircut is best for you. In general terms, men with longer faces should opt for short haircuts, wide faces for longer styles, and angular faces a softer finished cut.
5. Steer clear of washed-out trends
Dare to be a little different this spring. “Avoid a manbun, topknot and long beard. These are unacceptable looks this spring,” explains Khamees.

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