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Kate Spade New York glitter mid-heel booties, $398, available at Bloomingdale's.
Kate Spade New York glitter mid-heel booties, $398, available at Bloomingdale's.
When I moved to New York, it took roughly three full days to realize that every fashion-abiding citizen owned a pair of Chelsea boots and wore them for virtually every occasion. My first notable fashion splurge was on a pair of (admittedly uncomfortable) black leather booties, which I purchased from Bloomingdale's and wore until they quite literally came apart at the seams. The longer I've lived here, the deeper my penchant for the shoe style has grown, and my collection (much to the frustration of my boyfriend) continues to commandeer an ever greater share of our closet space. All of this is to say: No, I certainly do not need another pair of ankle boots — but I really, reallywant one.
Enter these shimmering, gleaming unicorn booties! That they're mildly insane only speaks to their versatility, of course, as they'd be an excellent accompaniment to just about every outfit imaginable — they'd certainly jazz up a LBD and would add some rock star-friendly flair to even my most casual weekend outfits. And their heel height is as sensible as their price (for a pair of gold sequin shoes, anyway). Logistics aside, though, they'd make any wearer extremely happy — they're gold booties, dammit! — and isn't that the whole point of this fashion thing?
Kate Spade New York glitter mid-heel booties, $398, available at Bloomingdale's.

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