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Madewell sweater pants, $98, available at
Madewell sweater pants, $98, available at
We each toast to fall's arrival in different ways. Some, perhaps, purchase a Pumpkin Spice Latte (or 87 of 'em); others turn to premature sweater weather and/or autumnal-scented Yankee Candles. For me, fall — which officially kicked off on Wednesday — is all about swaddling my limbs in as many layers of plush fabric as possible. The moment late September strikes, I break out my sheaths of heavy knit cotton and become a sweater-wearing mammoth until March rolls around. 
But if only I could upgrade my beloved sweatpants so they could be worn to locations beyond my home. As it turns out, I can! Thanks to the good people at Madewell, I can now purchase extra-fine merino wool sweater pants (yes, that is their brand-given name) to pair with trendy sneakers, billowing T-shirts and, potentially, even another sweater. This is the retail world we live in, and I feel privileged to be an active part of it.
Madewell sweater pants, $98, available at

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