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Spring Racing Style Guide

The #AquilaStyleGuide for wearing a suit this Spring Racing Carnival.
There are rules, known and unknown, to looking good in a suit. Use these 11 #AquilaStyleGuide suit tips put together by our stylists to suit up properly this Spring Racing Carnival.

Whether you are familiar with them or not, there are guidelines every gent should abide by when wearing a suit. Our stylists have shared their top 11 suit tips to guide you this Spring Racing Carnival:
1. Your suit jacket should always be long enough to cover your pant zip and bottom. 
2. There should never be a ‘collar gap’ - the gap between your jacket’s lapels and your shirt’s collar. Be sure the line of your coat's neck follows the line of your shirt collar around your neck.
In shot, Rollins Shirt 
3. Make sure you can slip your hand between your chest and buttoned jacket enough so that there's room to move.
4. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your pieces and colour combinations to add life to your look. 
pale blue and pink jackets
In shot (left to right), [Hudson Pink and Hughes Pale Blue Blazer 
5. Don’t underestimate the elegance of sleek details. Keep things simple and streamlined. A grey two button suit is a man’s version of a little black dress, perfect for any occasion.
flat lay
In shot, The Hoffman blazer and pant in flecked grey. They're slim fitting and made of pure lightweight Italian wool with coloured flecks. 
6. A good fresh silk tie is essential. That old tie that you last wore a year ago, throw it away.
In shot, Flemming Jacket.
7. Your tie should usually be darker than your dress shirt. If it isn’t, be sure it’s one solid colour and not patterned. Your pocket square fabric however, shouldn’t match your tie. 
model city
8. You can always go with a classic windsor knot for your tie but the size of your knot should complement your face – if your face is wider, pick a knot broader at the top, like the plattsburgh. If it’s longer, pick a narrower knot that doesn’t sacrifice size, like the cavendish. Worn by
9. A new shoe polishe completes your entire suit. You can’t get more stylish than an Italian crafted pair of metallic Monk straps.  In shot, 58143 Bronze worn by the
In shot, 58143 Bronze worn by the
10. Your pant break should be at least an inch deep, making sure the front of the hem hits the top of your toes, no more and no less.
11. When it comes to sock game, the less rules the better. Embrace contrast and colour, or dare to go without. If you do wear socks, make sure they cover your shins so when seated, no skin is exposed. 

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