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Sneakers With Suits

Guys about town are sporting a rather unexpected look this season. Though previously considered sartorial sacrilege, suits worn with sneakers are definitely having a moment in the style spotlight. Want to give trainers and tailoring a go? There are just a few rules to stick by.
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Choose classic sneakers Yes, you could always wear your sharp two-piece suit with some classic monk-straps, brogues or Oxfords, but sneakers add that certain edge. Avoid performance-focused styles and choose a pair of classic kicks. They look good with fitted trousers and a strong, structured suit.
Don’t just limit to the weekend Sneakers with suits are a perfectly acceptable Monday to Friday uniform if you happen to work in a creative workplace. If you want to retain some of the finesse of a formal shoe, choose patent leather sneakers, which appear refined and contemporary when worn with an understated shirt and tie. On weekends, freshen it up by pairing slip-ons with a suit jacket and striped linen T-shirt underneath.
Flying business Structured suits and sneakers travel well, especially when paired with a crisp collared shirt. The combo will have you looking luxe during layover and dressed the part as you rush from airport to client appointment without a moment to check into your hotel.
Don’t just stick to black A deep navy, burgundy or camouflage print can work just as well, peeping out from under a simple dark suit. Wear to a gallery opening or dinner date to show you’re comfortable in a sleek suit, but still up for a bit of fun.
Wear with confidence You can thank dapper dressers Mark Ronson, Aziz Ansari and Kanye West and their luxe sneaker collections for the growing popularity of this style. Taking cues from Yeezy, tread with confidence and you can get away with anything.
sneakers with suits - aquila

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