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Which Finger Should You Wear a Ring On

Most guys don’t have a lot of experience with the finer points of ring wearing etiquette.
That’s not a problem……
…..because if you’re reading thisyou’re about to learn more in 5 minutes than what 95% of the population knows about rings and their relationship to various fingers.
Cool 🙂
Alright….let’s get started!

Click Here To View The Infographic On Rings
There are many traditions regarding jewelry in general and rings in particular.
Rings allow you to make a statement without saying a word.
They can send the message you’re not available (married) …….
…..that you attended the Naval Academy ( yes, I see your ring Annapolis man 🙂)
…..or that you’re from a culture not afraid to display wealth on the hands (think bling bling)

Now be aware – wearing a signature ring is not a statement everyone willget.
But like a lot of fashion choices, they’re there for the people who notice, and being part of the elite club that “gets it” is part of the fun.
So if you’re someone who’s considering wearing a ring purely for the style of it (rather than just a wedding band), here are a few of the traditional associations for rings on fingers.

Rather watch me talk about rings and symbolism of each finger?

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