Thứ Sáu, 27 tháng 5, 2016


More and more I am starting to love the cleanliness of the quarter brogue. And it’s not that it is so clean like a wholecut oxford but for some reason the lack of cap really makes it more appealing to me, these days. I like the brogueing on the back end, but I am really starting to love the look and comfort of a plain toe (but never mind a nice medallion to accompany). And while the cap toe shoe, whether it a plain austerity version or a semi brogue still leads the pack in terms of common black shoe for work, I have a feeling that soon the quarter brogue will start to rise and become more popular as there is nothing that makes a cap toe more “business like” or “formal.” On the contrary, I would fee that the lack of cap makes this more formal, even with the medallion and brogueing. But this is just my opinion. I am sure that the formal-wear snobs will turn their nose to this very idea. But hey, thankfully we don’t all have to suffer from group-think, do we?!!
Long live the quarter brogue!!

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