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Matching Dress Shoes With Suits

Black shoes and a black suit work great if you’re going to a funeral, but most of the time we’re a little more colorful in our wardrobes.
How does a man wearing a navy, light-grey, or brown suit match his shoes with the suit color?
That’s what this article is about!

Take a moment to get to know the following chart.
It pairs the five most common suit colors — navy, medium or mid-gray, charcoal, brown, and black — with three different shoes to show you which colors work with which leathers.
shoes with suit color

Now, are these shoe matching rules absolute?
Not entirely — but it’s a very safe guide to follow.
If you’re bucking the advice here, it should be because you’re going for a really unique look or you know the rules and make a conscious decision to ignore them!
For example, we don’t have the burgundy shoes paired with a black suit. But a rocker might wear a black suit with red Converse All-Stars, and that would be, if not exactly timeless men’s style, certainly a style choice that could work.

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