Thứ Sáu, 6 tháng 5, 2016

FASHION Your Favorite Fancy Notebook Brand Is Making Fancy Tote Bags

I've been carrying the same once-actually-very-nice-but-now-incredibly-dingy leather tote bag for a long, long time. It's not because I especially love this bag above all others or because it has some deep sentimental value. No, I've slammed this poor thing around for two years simply because it can hold all my crap. 
Poor thing. 
Poor thing. 
I shouldn't speak ill of the dead (and this is bag is so very dead) because being my "work bag" is no easy feat. I went to Nordstrom Rack several months ago and bought a gorgeous Steve Madden leather backpack and you know what happened? It lasted two weeks and then snapped like the protagonist of a particularly heinous Lifetime Original TV Movie. After that, it was right back to ye ole faithful tote which carries, with neither complaint nor torn strap, the following daily haul:
My laptop,
My pencil case,
Books I am reading,
Books I am writing in (one leather bound journal, two spiral college ruled notebook, two purple Moleskines, and one day planner)
Two cell phone chargers (because if I lose one, I'm screwed okay?!), 
Innumerable half-empty Altoids tins (at last count, four), 
However many pens do not fit into my pencil case, and 
Three different post-it notepads in different colors 
Listen, I've been looking. I've been putting myself out there emotionally. I'm ready for a new bag, I'm available, I'm not the problem. The problem is that any bag cavernous enough to hold all of the above daily necessities, is either ugly canvas or shiny patent leather or extremely heavy or monstrously expensive. 
Thanks, but no thanks. 
I would rather pluck the lining off the straps of my pale, blown out tote than carry something plasticine or canvas or stupid heavy. Also, I resent tassels and I don't care what the surging tide of fashion dictates, I will not embrace fringe. My arms are wide open to other 70's inspired looks, but I will never, ever abide by fringe.  I should be less picky. If I wasn't stubbornly entrenched in writing everything down and writing it in coded color and having something to read at all times, I wouldn't still be dragging the same thrashed tote around, but when what you carry defines who you are, when the tools for doing who you're passionate about rest on shoulders, you're not going to dump them into just anything right? You're going to want options. And secret inner compartments. 

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