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How to Wear Red Shoes: 6 Easy Outfit Combos

How To Wear Red Shoes
How to Wear Red Shoes: 6 Easy Outfit Combinations
I believe every woman should have at least one pair of red shoes in her closet. It’s an unmistakably vibrant color that gives a stylish punch to many outfits and (most importantly) they’re bound to make a statement! But so many ladies I know don’t have any red shoes in their wardrobe. Nope, not even one set of red dressy shoes, heels or flats. A little shocking for a shoes blogger such as myself, who owns at least 4 pairs!
I get it, pairing up red shoes with outfits can be daunting, especially with the hue’s association with love, lust & well, fiery hell. So yes, red shoes & clothing might seem a little “too much” for many!
Social connotations aside, the biggest reason women (and men I’m sure!) avoid donning them is because they can’t figure out what to wear with red shoes, simply for the color alone. But paired with the right outfits, red shoes can & will look sensational! And if you feel hesitant about wearing them, remember that red shoes are a significant shoe trend, making them more “acceptable” than ever, even in the most conservative environments.
So if you’re looking to style some ruby hued footwear in the near future, or want to explore new ways to wear outfits with red shoes, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve rounded up the 6 most fool-proof ways to wear red shoes, and some of the most eye catching, fun & trending red shoe available right now, below.

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6 Chic & Simple Ways to Wear Red Shoes

1. White Outfits with Red Shoes

How to Wear Red Shoes with White Outfits
Whether you’re thinking about pairing a white dress with red shoes, or with a white romper or separates, each will surely look amazing. If you think the contrast is a little too much for your style, opt for a pair of burgundy heels. These will reduce the brightness of the heels. Or go for an off white outfit, which will contrast less with the shoes.
Love white but not sure about the red shoes? Check out more shoe colors to wear with a white dress!
Purse Styling Tip: Black, beige or gold clutches will be a pretty addition to your red shoes & white outfit. Or add a contrasting color (all except green!) to pump up your look if you’re feeling adventurous!

2. All Black with Red Shoes

Black Dress With Red Shoes
An easy way to answer the “how to wear red shoes” styling dilemma is black. Because with red shoes, a black outfit is anything but boring! In fact, my absolute favorite statement maker with a black outfit, whether jumpsuit or little black dress, is a brightly colored shoe. Especially a red one!
Yes, all black with red shoes outfits look sensational & will give your LBD that je ne sais quoi, making you & your basic black stand out from the crowd. Pick the right red shoes with your work attire & you can easily wear them to the office too!
I love poppy red shoes with black dresses, but wine-hued shades look just as well, especially in the Fall/Winter months & for office dressing.  Need more options with black dresses & outfits? Check my in-depth post all about the best shoes to wear with a black dress.
Purse Styling Tip: To keep the focus on your ruby shoes, keep your purse either black or white. My fave? A matching black purse in a contrasting material, say patent black leather with a matte black outfit. Just make sure your black bag is the same black hue as your dress!

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