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When it comes to style, what you see is often influenced by what you don’t see. For instance, if you think your outfit is the “star” of the show, your bra fills a major “supporting” role—lifting, shaping and helping you look fabulous.
But unlike a favorite dress, handbag or pair of shoes, your bra often gets the most wear and the least attention of any other clothing item you own. An important point to remember when shopping for a bra—it’s not only how it fits that matters, but also what job it’s meant to do and the design technology involved in accomplishing that job.
When deciding what bra styles work best for your individual needs, you should always keep in mind those other three “F”s—fashion, function and feel.
full-figure bras, t-shirt bras, and push-up bras
No matter what type of support you’re seeking, today’s bra technology offers innovative solutions.
The Celebrate-Your-Curves Full Figure BraGone are the “granny bras” of days past. Modern full-figure bras offer maximum support and comfort in any number of attractive styles. Key features include wide, adjustable comfort straps paired with cushioned underwire support or supportive wire-free styling—resulting in a bra that hugs every curve in the best way possible.
The Invisible T-Shirt BraThe main goal for this bra style is to be virtually invisible, even under lightweight clothing or form-hugging fabrics. Designed for comfort and ultra-smooth coverage, it features contoured lines and seamless molded cups with light padding—all meant to show off a more streamlined silhouette. Most t-shirt bras come in lighter colors that won’t be seen through thin fabrics.
The Cleavage-Enhancing Push-Up BraAnother sexy style, the options for this bra range from a light push-up that gives your bust a natural-looking lift to a more dramatic push-up for maximum enhancement. Lined and angled cups help form a beautiful silhouette, while some push-up bras also feature convertible straps for added versatility.

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