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If you’ve entered the workforce in the past 10 years, chances are you’ve always dressed casually on the job. But now the trend is shifting back to more professional career wear, so it’s time to take a new look at how you’re presenting yourself.
Your attire definitely affects how you’re perceived at the office, but it also can change your own attitude. Slip on a tailored jacket, and you’re instantly in business mode—serious, responsible and focused. And the higher you go in a company—or the higher you want to go—the more polished you’re expected to be.
Keep your main pieces classic, and use shoes and accessories to add a trendy, fun vibe when appropriate. Tailor your choices to your company’s culture. If you work in a law firm, you should always look like you’re ready for court. If you work for a fashion-related company, your outfit should convey that you’re trend-aware. If your workplace is more laid-back, keep the top part of your look classically professional, but tone it down with clean denim or classic skinny twill pants.
Yes, casual Friday still exists, but on a different level. Instead of distressed jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers, it’s dressy dark denim, a pretty top and a sharp jacket.
A good guideline is to look in the mirror each morning before you leave for work and ask yourself two questions—do I look professional and would my attire be distracting to anyone?
Need help revamping your work wardrobe? Start with 10 key pieces and build from there:
sheath dress, white blouse, grey sweater, shawl cardigan
  1. Black sheath dress
    Look for one that fits well, with a high neckline and a hemline that ends just above the knee. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Try it with a cardi or jacket, or add a blouse to create a romper effect.
  1. Crisp white shirt
    Another go-with-anything piece. It brings a sharp, focused feel to your look.
  1. Crewneck sweater
    Just as a cardigan is a more casual version of a tailored jacket, a crewneck sweater is a relaxed alternative to a blouse. Pair it with a jacket or cardi, and you’re perfectly pulled together for the office. The crewneck sweater is the new modern. It’s a classic look that’s totally current when paired with a pleated skirt.
  1. Cozy
    A long, open-front cardigan is an on-trend, work-appropriate alternative to the more structured look of a tailored jacket. Adding a third piece is key to making a top with pants or skirt look more polished. The cozy is the perfect modern approach to your casual Friday look—simple, elevated, yet comfortable.
  1. Classic neutral pants
    Black or gray pants complement virtually everything. Look for classic details, stretch fabric and the perfect modern fit, such as skinny ankle pants or wide-leg trousers.

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