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14 Popular Stores That’ll Price Match

With the Amazon Prime Membership going up from $79 to $99 it has many consumers pondering whether it’s worth the annual cost. If you are on the fence, this article will probably sway you to stay away from the Prime membership and shop elsewhere and get the same price or better. To help you achieve this, below are 14 popular stores that will happily match the price at and in many cases will also ship it to you for free. A few of these do NOT advertise openly that they match Amazon pricing…I had to do a little digging to discover the goods.

Abt Electronics

Abt Live Chat
I could not find any evidence on the Abt Electronics website that they price matched so I fired up a Live Chat session and asked. Here is what I discovered:
  • First of all, I found a 32″ Samsung Smart TV on Abt that was $30 bucks more than what Amazon was selling it for.
  • My live chat operator, Nick, was a little vague when I asked if they price matched But I pushed him on it and he said that they do indeed price match as they are considered an authorized dealer.
  • Not only would Abt match the price, but they would ship it out to me for FREE. Well done Abt Electronics!

Babies R Us

If you’re shopping for a baby on the way, or one already stealing our hearts, you’ll want to take advantage of the Babies R Us price match policy. Here are the details…
  • They will indeed price match pricing, but it needs to be in-store purchases only.
  • It must be the identical item, brand, and size.
  • You can only price match 2 of the same exact item.
  • Does NOT include marketplace pricing.
  • In addition to Amazon, they will price match the following websites:,,,,,,,,,, and

Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond
The next time you’re shopping at your local Bed Bath & Beyond and doing some price comparison shopping via your smartphone, be sure to check the app first as BB&B will price match Amazon. Here is what you need to know:
  • The items must be the exact same model, brand, and make.
  • Item cannot be on sale and must be in-stock.
  • Just present you smartphone or tablet with the price and an associate will gladly do a price adjustment for you.
  • Also, many Bed Bath & Beyond locations will allow you to use their famous “20% off any 1 item” coupon in addition to the Amazon price match. Winning!

Best Buy

Best Buy was one of the first retailers to price match Here is the skinny…
  • The Best Buy price match policy is limited to one price match per identical item, per guest.
  • Just talk to a store associate or visit the customer service desk to get your price match request taken care of.
  • Again, the best way to match the price is by using your smartphone to do a quick price comparison.
  • In addition to Amazon, they will price match the following websites:,,,,,,,,,,,, Shopping,,,, and
  • They will also match prices post purchase if they lower their price within 15 days of your purchase. Always keep your receipt.

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