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How these #StandTogether Socks can Help Stop Bullying in Canada

Stop Cyberbullying Socks Campaign
With a growing number of kids being bullied online & off, more action needs be taken to put a stop to it. Which is why the Canadian Safe School Network has teamed up with YoSox for an innovative #standtogether campaign that launches today.
And yes, it has something to do with these fun socks!

#STANDTOGETHER Anti-Bullying Campaign

#STANDTOGETHER stop cuberbullying socks
Social media has become such an integral part of our lives, not to mention for children & teens, who’ve grown up with the internet. Studies show that 39% of Canadian students sleep with their cellphones & a third of that number’s online interactions are not monitored by a parent.
Kids get bullied for a slew of reasons. But did you know that 70% of reported bullying is because someone acts or looks differently? From race, fashion to religion, any factor that renders a distinct , can play a part.
Cyberbullying enables anyone to hide behind the mask of anonymity, all at a click of a button. Not being able to gage another person’s reaction makes cyberbullying that much more harsh & detrimental. And because there is no easy “off” switch, cyberbullying happens 24hrs a day, even while apparently safe in one’s home.
More than 50% of teens have had at least 1 unfortunate negative experience on social media, while 33% of cyberbullied students report symptoms of depression. Not to mention the acts of self-harm & even suicide that can result from it.
The #STANDTOGETHER campaign is an initiative to celebrate uniqueness & differences in individuals.

YoSox x Canadian Safe School Network Collaboration

Stop Cyberbullying Socks Campaign 1
The Canadian Safe School Network believes that standing together & speaking out against bullying is the best approach to tackle the issue. Each person is unique & that’s what makes us great!
So the CSSN + YoSox designed 4 sets of very different socks full of personality, to generate some buzz & online chatter on the issue of bullying. But they’re also taking it one step further.

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