Thứ Năm, 16 tháng 6, 2016

What to Pack for a Weekend in Palm Springs

You don't have to be hitting up the massive Coachella Music Festival to plan a fun and cultural trip to Palm Springs, California. There are tons of romantic hotels, amazing restaurants and beautiful hikes that will keep you busy throughout a long weekend getaway.
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There's a lot to do in Palm Springs and the Palm Desert area, and with warm temperatures almost year-round and that dry desert air, you don't need to pack much to have everything you need.
(There are eve nudist colonies, if you'd rather pack nothing at all!)
No trip to this inland California oasis would be complete without some serious pool time, drinks at one of the chic mid-century modern hotels, and some exploration of the surrounding foothills. A couple of swimsuits, shorts, a couple of fun and light dresses as well as some sandals and sunglasses are really are you need—we promise!
In the slideshow ahead, we'll show you how to pack a small carry-on bag will all the cool and colorful necessities for a stylish stay in Palm Springs.

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