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Grey + Plaid + Brass: This Spring’s Bold Suit

Men's Style Pro in Grey Plaid Tailor 4 Less Suit
Custom Unstructured Grey Plaid Wool Suit – Tailor 4 Less | Double Monk Strap Shoes –Suitsupply | Lorenzo Briefcase – Maxwell Scott Bags | White Cutaway Collar Shirt & Grey Wool Herringbone Tie – Oliver Wicks | Waterbury Chronograph Watch – Timex + Redwing


The old adage of “life’s too short to wearing boring clothes” is one I fully agree with it. Before you go off the handle with notions like, “where can I wear something like this?”, “this kind of suit isn’t for a regular” — please take you hand off the panic button. There’s a way to rock a plaid grey suit during the spring that will give you more character without making you look like a character.

Why It Works

There’s a lot that can go wrong with a plaid suit especially if the base color is too bold. With a grey hue that’s lighter than charcoal, but, a few shades darker than heathered/French grey — this suit lives in the purgatory of the everyday grey suit. You’re probably not going to wear this suit everyday because the pattern is distinct, however; you can break it up and get some outstanding wear out of it. 

Two Subtle Details 

The brass buttons are key! When I designed this suit there was one thing I wanted to do — make a jacket that can truly been worn as a blazer. The brass buttons are royal and utilitarian at the same time, which gives the wearer the option to dress jacket up or down (while a subtle twist).
Take a closer look at this pattern. You’ll notice a subtle black windowpane check that intersects the grey check double windowpane pattern. This black check is the key to grounding this suit. Sounds crazy, right?! The dark color is the linch-pin of this fabric because it pulls the tones together without clashing with the grey check. Luckily, it’s not a blue or red check like a Glen plaid because the pattern would become an eyesore.
Sabir M. Peele Men's Style Pro in Grey Plaid Tailor 4 Less Suit

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