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How To Wear Stripes in a Fresh & Modern Way

he Modern Way To Wear Stripes

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Updated April 29, 2016.
Stripes are an essential part of any timeless wardrobe, but they can still feel fresh, modern and new, too. Deciding how to wear stripes in a way that works for your lifestyle and personal taste can depend on many things, including your height and body type.
For example, vertical stripes are great for petite women and those with more curvy figures as they elongate the body and draw the eye up and down, rather than side-to-side.
Thin or pin stripes can also have a slimming effect, while bold, thick stripes can draw the eye to the wrong places.
A classic Breton stripe in navy and white will work for anyone, it's just a matter of deciding what kind of clothing is right for you—it could be a cotton dress or t-shirt or even a thick knit sweater with brass buttons.
Those who want to branch out a bit should steer clear of this go-to print. Adventurous fashionistas might try funky rainbow stripes or patterns that incorporate stripes of varying thickness and consistency.
In the slideshow ahead, see how street style stars wear stripes now, and get out best tips for how to make their exciting looks work in your own everyday wardrobe.

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